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From the Golden Triangle of the Ribera del Duero in Spain, Wine Lovers Corner brings you one of the wine jewels that any Wine Lover should know, Abadia de Acon.

The history of the winery Abadia de Acon comes from a small town in Burgos named Castrillo de la Vega. In this small town, the ancestors of the Carrasco family built with their hands a small in this little town, one of the biggest of the surroundings though. From those old times to the actual modernity, so many things happened to make Abadia de Acon one of the most interesting wineries in Ribera del Duero.

In the last 30 years so many things changed in Ribera del Duero and also in this awesome winery. In order to increase the quality of the wines, the Carrasco family moved to a more modern facilities where quality and art can meet to produce the finest wines with their vineyards grapes.

BUT, is history enough to make us choose Abadia de Acon as one of the wines recommended to the Wine Lovers? It is indeed not but the truth is that their wines are remarkably good and interesting. Something that any Wine Lover needs to try.

This winery produces several red wines in this small town within the Ribera del Duero in Spain. All of them are very interesting, you can feel the soul of the winery when you try them, but we think the best ones and the best quality for the price comes from two of the family, Abadía de Acón Crianza and also Abadía de AcónReserva.

If you are looking for an elegant Tempranillo, ripe, complex and perfect for every moment this is your best option. You cannot fail with this Crianza, not only pairs with red meet (the typical pairing) but also works well with a stew, with cheese, with tapas… Abadía de Acón Crianza is the perfect match to ensure a good dinner Wine Lover!

If you think that a Tempranillo Crianza is not enough… you can always go for the Abadía de AcónReserva, a coupage of Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon (85/15) with a special oaky touch but maintaining the aromas coming from the fruit this Reserva from Ribera del Duero is made of. If the Crianza is an elegant wine, the Reserva is wearing a tuxedo. Do you want to open a bottle of wine for a classic audience? Abadía de AcónReserva is your greatest choice!

Wine Lover, we really recommend you to try those two red wines from Ribera del Duero, not only they are very good wines but also the prices you will find at our Wine Lovers Corner are awesome!! Do you want to try them? Go for a mix and include Abadía de Acón! Do you want to fill your cellar with these really good red wines? Take advantage of our offer: Buy 5 bottles and we give you the 6th for free! It´s a good deal, isn´t it?

You should wake up and try these two wines! Leave behind the classical labels and bet on this winery, you wil not regret your choice Wine Lover.

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