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W i n e L o v e r s F e s t W i n e L o v e r s C o r n e r

Our History

A childhood among vineyards...

Helping my father and grandfather in the daily tasks, harvesting and enjoying the musts – of course also the wines – unleashed a deep love for the vine and wine.

My youth was not spent among vineyards, that´s life, but the passion for wine did not disappear and I continued tasting, getting to know wineries and developing projects in the gastro-wine field, giving rise to @wineloverscorner_

In order to project the vision of the world of wine that we have at @alabuenavida_, Wine Lovers Corner emerged. A project that wants to make the world of wine easy and fun. Something accessible and very simple, because a Wine Lover just wants to enjoy a good glass of wine, without snobbery.

Join our Club

If you want to enjoy the best of the Wine Lovers experience, you will have to become a member of our beloved Wine Club


CHF 75 Yearly
To become a Silver Wine Lover you are a person who likes wine, enjoy trying wines from different regions, grapes and coupages. And of course you want to:

  1. Receive exclusive offers.
  2. Enjoy our wine consultancy three times per year.
  3. Configure your cellar and receive the wines you want, at all times and automatically.
  4. Get a 25 % discount on tickets to our public events.


CHF 150 Yearly
Being a Golden Wine Lover implies being a wine freak. You drink everything, you enjoy every bottle and every glass. You have the same rights as a Silver Wine Lover and you want to:

  1. Receive exclusive offers for Golden Wine Lovers.
  2. Have access to private wine tastings and special events.
  3. Taste our wines before anyone else.
  4. Enjoy our wine consultancy six times per year.
  5. Get a 50 % discount on tickets to our public events.

Much more is coming Wine Lovers


Sharing a bottle of wine is funny and to have fun drinking wine is AWESOME!

We organize amusing for our Wine Lover community members but also opened to not members (who will understand our philosophy and become Wine Lovers for sure)

You will find new wines along with other fancy gastronomic products that will allow you to enjoy much more your glass of wine.



Imagine walking into a room full of fun people where you can try as many wines as you fancy and taste them as many times as you want. Repeat if you feel like it and, of course, accompany them with good international products. This is the Wine Lovers Fest!

Come with friends or come alone and make friends. There is nothing better than sharing a good wine. Treat yourself and try as many wines as you like (but don´t forget to drink in moderation Wine Lover)

We bring you new projects, more classic wines and also the modern ones. Everything you could wish. Do you fancy some Iberian Ham? You get it! Let us know your wishes Wine Lover!



Our private events are reserved for members of our Wine Lover community

If you are part of our community, you will have access to exclusive and special products. You will be able to attend very private and cosy events not open to the public and taste wines before anyone else.

Only the most faithful Wine Lovers will have access to special offers and products that will NOT be for sale on our website. Being a Silver Wine Lover will give you access to some things, but only a Golden Wine Lover will have the access granted to any event.



Organize your party with us! Do you have a family event and want us to propose a pairing? Call us!

Do you want to organize a wine tasting with your friends? Write us and we will make you a tailor-made proposal.

Tell us what you need and we will organize it for you.


Our wine selection

Our Brands

Get to know some of the brands we work with

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